Premium Cow Ghee (Clarified butter - Cow) - 440ml
Premium Cow Ghee (Clarified butter - Cow) - 440ml
Premium Cow Ghee (Clarified butter - Cow) - 440ml
Premium Cow Ghee (Clarified butter - Cow) - 440ml
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Premium Cow Ghee (Clarified butter - Cow) - 440ml

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Earthon's Premium Cow Ghee is a healthy, shelf-stable alternative to plain butter or other cooking oils. This Golden colored Ghee is ideal for use in traditional dishes, as an ideal fat for frying, and even in Ayurvedic medicines.

It is free from any kind of harmful chemicals, additives, growth hormones and antibiotics. It contains probiotics, vitamins, minerals and essential enzymes. It has higher levels of vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids and is rich in antioxidants.

Earthon's Organic Ghee that is widely appreciated for its digestive values, great taste and wholesome nutrition.

How to Use : Ghee can be swapped for vegetable oil or coconut oil in baked goods or used for sautéing and deep-frying. Or simply melt it and spread it on bread for a snack, pour it over popcorn, or drizzle it on vegetables before serving.

Product Weight: 440 ml

Product Weight Include Packing: 445 ml

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