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🚚 FREE Shipping On Total Order Value above INR 2000

Corazon with Organic Cotton Insert - PeachPERFECT V1.0 Cloth Diaper

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₹ 748.00

Weight: 180 gms

Product dimensions: 18 x 15 x 3 cm



Cloth Diapers that are the most comfortable for your baby. Trim * Lightweight * No elastic marks * Innovative Design * Lasts between 8 to 12 hours PeachPERFECT with 8 layers of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

Handcrafted Diaper Design - PeachPERFECT signature design is All-in-Two with Front Pocket Diaper. Very Trim(5inch crotch), Light Design for Diaper, and Inserts. Gentle elastics around legs that leave no marks.Easy tabs and tummy leak guards for tummy sleepers.


Insert Design: It can be customized for boys(24 layers of absorption) and girls(16 layers) to provide maximum absorbency in pee zones. Absolutely trim design.

Front Pockets make it easy to clean when soiled. Suede material ensures the baby feels dry while making it easy for the cleaning(stain repellent).

OG Insert does not have to stay dry layer sewn in. For stay-dry feeling, place inserts in pockets.


Getting the Right Fit:

Set the height of the diaper according to the baby's age in S/M/L before putting the diaper on the baby.

Start by placing the diaper in line with the baby's belly button.


Pull the front of the diaper, placing the elastics at the leg creases on both sides.

Start snapping the waist snaps of the baby according to the comfort. The right way to decide is when you can comfortably run through 2 fingers horizontally around the diaper. Ensure the diaper is not too tight or too loose which might lead to a baby's discomfort or leakage.

Please contact on 8884261908 for support with the right fit.



If used diaper has solids, spray with hand faucet and remove solids in commode.

Rinse and store in well ventilated place until wash day.

Wash in temperature upto 40 C

Extra rinse is suggested.

Sun Dry


Do not:

Soak diaper for more than 20 mins.

Boil diaper or inserts

Use fabric conditioners

Do not store in wet places until wash cycle for long life of natural fabrics.



Within 3-5 days of placing the order.


Kindly note: Return and Exchange Terms

Our return and exchange policy covers only products received by buyers with manufacturing defects or received in a damaged condition. It also applies to products that are wrongly shipped and don’t match with your original order invoice.

The products requested for return or exchange must be in its original condition as received with its original packaging and labels. Hygiene products are not exchangeable unless there is a manufacturing defect and the product is completely kept in an unused format exactly as received by the buyer.


For a detailed read on our policies please visit the policies page on our website.


  1. The fabrics go through prewash before sewing.
  2. Seller brand advises users to prewash before using the product for the first time.