Adaaya Farms Natural Palm Leaf Deep Round Plates - 12 Inches (Pack of 25)
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Adaaya Farms Natural Palm Leaf Deep Round Plates - 12 Inches (Pack of 25)

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A 100% Naturally Made Eco Friendly Disposable Deep Round bowls Party Table Ware That Is Sustainably Manufactured (Made Of Palm Trees) And Can Be Responsibly Returned To Your Composite Bin, As Food For Cow Or As Organic Manure. 100% Eco Friendly - Back To Earth- Made From Palm Leaves And Shaped With Heat & Water. There Are No Trees Cut To Manufacture Our Simply Urbane Palm Leafwares. Its True To Nature- Pure & Honest. Dump It In Your Outdoor Compost Bin & In A Month It Would Be Almost Half Gone. Extra Sturdy - Best Used For- Simply Urbane Palm Ware Is Light, Attractive & Won't Break Even If It Falls On The Floor. That Makes It Great For Kids Birthday Party. Its Also Perfect For Catering, Restaurant, Weddings, Picnis And Camping. You May Use It For Eat-On- Table Format Or For Buffet Dinners. Variations - Simply Urbane Wares Are Natural Textured & Colors Range From Hues Of Peach To Tan. Interestingly, The Colors Are Defined By The Way Rain Drop Trickles Down On The Palm Leaf. So, True To Nature, Each Leaf Dish Is Unique "Designed". There Are No Chemicals Added To Change Any Texture Or Color. Also, The Thickness Of The Dish May Slightly Wary Depending On The Thickness Of The Actual Leaf Used.



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