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                    Clan Earth is India's first company to make plastic-free backpacks.
                    They work with experienced local artisans in Kolkata to handcraft durable, highly utilitarian, minimal in style bags out of sustainable fabrics. They also plant 5 trees per bag sold to restore the planet. Their bags are named after endangered & vulnerable animals so that while the bags have your back, you are reminded of our co-existence with nature & animals.
                    A unique 'Models of Clan Earth' campaign in which they model their bags with young adults from slum communities to boost their confidence & help fund their college fees has been really loved.
                    They use their business as a force for doing good.They have planted more than 700 trees so far and are on their mission to plant 10,000 trees this year. They are one name that stands for social & environmental sustainability. When you use their bags, you know that you made the better choice for yourself & the planet.

                    Clan Earth (14)

                    Kiwi Zip...

                    ₹ 1,600.00

                    Pangolin Backpack...

                    ₹ 3,599.00

                    Rhino Duffel

                    ₹ 3,149.00

                    Amur Backpack...

                    ₹ 2,474.00

                    Florican Purse...

                    ₹ 2,600.00

                    Florican Purse...

                    ₹ 2,400.00

                    Pika Purse

                    ₹ 999.00

                    Cork Wallets...

                    ₹ 2,700.00
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